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About Other / Student England is a very attractive man, even if he isn't real.Female/United States Group :iconbaseusersandmakers: BaseUsersAndMakers
Bases rules ^w^
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~: Base Rules for My General Bases :~

:bulletblue: Just use. Don't ask anymore.
:bulletblue: Please credit me AND the creator of the sketch (which will be mentioned in the base)
:bulletblue: Please show me and whoever the sketch creator is your results, please, even if it's bad.
:bulletblue: Do not claim or steal as your own. This is unrespectful.
:bulletblue: Please, PLEASE, do not take FIVE LOUSY MINUTES to use my bases. The more it takes, the better it is.
:bulletblue: Frankidoodling (which means taking an arm piece from one base and pasting it here) is fine AS LONG AS THE OTHER BASEMAKER APPROVES OF IT.
:bulletblue: Genderbending is totally fine. c:

All my bases are MSPaint friendly, so you shouldn't have a problem using it on that program, or any other program like it.

Random Favourites

Neko UK icon by xXrussiafangirl14xXNeko UK icon by xXrussiafangirl14xX
Epic favorites~ Most of them are people who used my bases, and base sketches.


:star: Wow, what a shocker. You're hearing from me again, guys. So, how's it going? Still basing and dolling? It's been a while, no? Sorry, I'm not into basing and dolling much anymore, as all of you can tell. I have 6,246 messages and 3 notes, which I sadly do not plan to reply to. It's just that school has been rough, and I've kind of forgot about this account for a while because I'm more into the horrid beautiful MikuMikuDance community now, and dolling / basing hasn't been in my league anymore.

So, as some final words in the form of a journal, good-bye. No, I won't be deactivating this account, I'll be keeping it up for all you lovely dears who still want to use my bases, even though this account is hogging up my e-mail. Anyways, since I will be ditching this account, I wanted to say my final words, and here they are:

Do what you want with my bases. Edit 'em. Trace 'em. Post 'em outside dA. I don't care. Do not ask me permission for anything. It's all free and MS-Paint friendly. Have fun. "Let your imagination soar!", as Furcadia's motto says. JUST DO NOT MAKE MONEY OFF OF THE BASES I TRACED IMAGES OF. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE ADOPTS / MAKE MONEY, WHETHER IT'S VIRTUAL OR REAL MONEY, PLEASE USE MY ORIGINAL BASES, NOT MY TRACED ONES! My bases have no rules now, other than the rule I stated in the last sentence, and to just show some respect, and credit me, as well as the original artists, if I listed any.

That is all I ask now. Other than that, I have no other desires.

Thank you guys for making the best of my bases when I posted them. Thank you for being so calm and collected, and not being all like "ERMERGERD U MAEK BAZEZ U SUCK U HAVE NO ORIGINALITY AND I BET U CAN'T DRAW FOR UR LIEF HAHAHA LOSER!" I hope my bases help you in the future.

Since I won't be using this account anymore, if you want to contact me, please feel free to ask on my main account, :iconcolumnboy:. I'm active on that account a lot more, and I sometimes update about my ugly life with an occasional journal or a shitty picture.

Last good-byes,

~ Rosey-Bases.
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England is a very attractive man, even if he isn't real.
Artist | Student | Other
United States
Main Account -> ColumnBoy

Rules for My Bases:

1. Just go use on your free will.
2. Edits/genderbending/frankidoodling/frankidolling is totally cool with me.
3. I don't mind adopts, but please don't be all like "OH YEAH BRO I MADE THIS MAHSELF, NO BASEZ USED"
4. Crediting is a MUST, ESPECIALLY if there are more than one artist involved.
5. ALWAYS check to see who you must credit- I sometimes get permission to trace for you guys, and you need to credit them, too!
6. Linking back isn't necessary, but appreciated.
7. No claiming as your own- I do find out one way or another. :iconnotsureifplz:
8. Don't spend 5 minutes and be all like "DONE". I understand if that's how long it takes you to doll, but please, most 5-minute dolls look crappy, so at least try to make your doll look good before posting it here and linking me the picture.
9. If you want to edit my bases and post the edits, I don't really care, as long as you GIVE PROPER CREDITING.
10. Have fun.

No, I do not take base requests or suggestions. At all. I don't base anymore. So shut up. Special friends only, or when I get permission to trace. Any comments regarding such topics will be ignored. Thank you.

What is a base? Why are they naked?:

A base is an empty template/lineart for mainly MS Paint users. Reasons vary as to why people doll- some may be because they lack a scanner, some may be because their scanner broke/does not work well, or some may be because it's their only form of art that they are comfortable working with. Bases are meant to be naked, and to not be censored (unless ecchi/sex/penises/excessive breasts are involved) because people digitally apply hair, clothes, and so on to the template, creating a doll.


Uhm.... No? My gallery consists mainly of ORIGINAL bases either made via permission, sketches from other users, or sketches of my own. I do have a select few, but notice how they are all base edits, and I have no way of contacting the legit artist. If someone lets me know of the real artist, I will be more than happy to contact them myself as to whether or not the base shall remain on this account.

And seriously? Are you so immature? If you don't like bases, then don't look at them. You're not 4 years old anymore, this is deviantART. If you don't like it, then go cry about it on World of Warcraft or Call of Duty, mmkay?

Why do/did you make bases?:

Beecause my old base account, Hibiscus-Cat-Bases, cause a series of mess, one of which I still need to clear up, and because I wanted to be original. :iconimaginationplz:

Base Groups I Am In:

:iconbaseusersandmakers: :iconbaseswithballs: :iconoriginal-bases-unite: :iconbranching-bases: :iconnudist-bases:


Current Residence: New York, U.S.A.~
Favorite genre of music: Classic, "Hair Bands" Rock.
Favorite photographer: zraclooc.
Favorite style of art: Anime.
Operating System: Windows 7 TOSHIBAAAA.
MP3 player of choice: Nano 5th Gen.
Shell of choice: Flowers. Yeah.
Wallpaper of choice: Hetalia.
Favorite cartoon character: England, America, Shino, Canada~
Personal Quote: "If I was British, would you love me again?"

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Hahaha like anyone cares to donate points to a failure liek me.

Donate points, please? You get a free base of your choice, BUT ORIGINAL ONLLY.

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